EMPOWER Coursebook Trialling with CUP

ILC France are always keen to develop and work alongside Cambridge University Press (CUP) to trial and test new materials.  As such, we are currently trialling the new Cambridge English course book series, EMPOWER, which was published in early 2015.

Cambridge English EMPOWER is a new general adult course that combines course content from CUP with validated Learning Oriented Assessment (LOA) from Cambridge English Language Assessment.  The course aims to bring LOA into the classroom by integrating course material and online assessment. 

The course syllabus is informed by English Profile and the Cambridge English Corpus and is carefully benchmarked to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), ensuring that students encounter the most relevant and useful language at the right point in their learning.

The role of assessment in Cambridge English EMPOWER is unique and its learning-oriented approach means that assessment constantly informs and enhances learning. This means that students make consistent and measurable progress.

At ILC France, the course book has been used on July and August CELTA courses, and feedback will be passed on to Terry Elliott from CUP. Feedback will include comments from CELTA tutors, CELTA trainees and students taking part in the afternoon CELTA teaching practice classes.

In addition to providing feedback on EMPOWER, ILC France will also be involved in piloting the new TestBank online system, which CUP are hoping will help teachers follow the progress of their students more easily.  They will be able to set homework online and see whether the students have (a) completed the tasks, and (b) how well / easily they were able to do this.  The idea is that the teacher will then be able to use this information to tailor lessons to their students and really focus in on their needs. ILC France will initially use this opportunity to follow the progress of exam preparation groups and will report back on our experiences of putting the tool in place, as well as feeding back students' and trainers' comments. 

Auteur : Jane GUILLIER

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